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Clinical Eye Care


 With the specialization in glaucoma, retinal disease, uveal tract, anterior segment and corneal disease, our medical team covers virtually all aspects of adult eye care. We also treat pediatric patients!  From newborns to senior adults, we have the training and experience to provide you with the best Ophthalmology care available... anywhere!

Eye Surgeries


 Our team of specialized surgeons also offers surgical procedures from cataract removal and implantation of lenses to refractive surgeries... from laser treatment for glaucoma and retinal pathologies (diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, etc.) to corneal transplantation. We also offer strabismus surgery (for the deviation of the eyes) and oculoplastic surgery (such as eyelid revision, removal of skin lesions and restoration of scars). 

Other Clinical Services



In addition to our Medical, Surgical and Ophthalmological practice, we actively participate in clinical research, for the benefit of our patients. We also offer a complete Optical Service, attended by an authorized Optometrist (to prescribe your contact lenses and lenses) and an Optician (to help you select glasses, adjust your frames or train you in the insertion, removal and care of your contact lenses).

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